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Act Now!

Activist Organizations
Nationwide —Restoring democracy to America. One neighborhood at a time.

Justice Action Movement (JAM)—Advocating a political system that gives each person full representation and justice.

International Action Center—Information, Activism, and Resistance.

Million Voter March—Working for Voters' rights.

Citizens for True Democracy—Increasing political participation via election reform.

National Action Network—Demanding civil rights and social and economic justice.

Rainbow/Push—Fighting for social change.

Act LA Coalition—Struggling for electoral justice and the preservation of democratic rights—Connecting online Democrats and working for political change.

An Action Agenda for Electoral Reform.

How to Reclaim Democracy

When the government forgets it needs your consent, and you hit that stone wall of silence, you have to do more than write letters and email. You have to take action.

Join a third, fourth, or fifth party. Better yet, run yourself as an independent demanding radical liberty, equality, and justice for all.

Support campaign finance reform. Instituting spending limits, and a ban on "soft money" will give more ordinary people—like you—a shot at public office.

Demand non-partisan election overseers. Neither Republicans nor Democrats should be in charge of confirming election results, or controlling recounts, especially in close elections. New, standardized voting machines would be nice, too. Democracy is in the details.

Take to the streets. To force change, you have to be visible right there where you live. You can be as whimsical or confrontational as you want, as long as you are heard and seen. Do direct action in your neighborhood. Demonstrate at local rallies, engage in acts of civil disobedience, protests, marches, sit-ins with the hundreds of new pro-democracy groups forming across the country. If there aren't any near you, you can do the organizing yourself.

Action Basics

For easy, step-by-step instructions on how to plan your own actions, check out the classic Lesbian Avenger Organizing Handbook. Includes the A,B,C's of creating powerful images, arranging legal support, getting media attention, and how to write a press release. The best on the web.

Tell Them What You Think

George W. Bush
ph (202)456-1414 or
ph (202)456-1111
fax (202)456-2461

Your Congresspersons
phone, fax, email info at

Note: Emails are OK, but faxes and phone calls are more effective.

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