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Last Word on The Gully
Democracy in danger. 4.3.06

Minstrel Shows
Shutting down one, applauding another in New York.
NYC's Mugabe Boosters
Zimbabwe Under Mugabe

Thus Spake The Profit
Cartoon by Scardie Anon. 4.3.06

State of Black Union: Disappointing
Silence on queers, AIDS, and the inordinate power of Black churches. 4.3.06

Cuba 2005: End Game 11.10.05

George W. Pinochet?
Guantánamo — the gulag of our times. (6-1-05)

Fundamentalists On the Attack
Kraft boycotted for supporting Gay Games. (6-10-05)

Letter From Paris: Jesus Over France
Immigrant evangelicals stake their claim to France. (6-3-05)

God is a GOP, Jesus a 'CRAT
Taking sides in heaven. (6-3-05)

Su Friedrich, In Brief
A filmmaker personalizing the political. (6-3-05)

Friedrich: The Odds of Recovery
Excerpt 1: At Least We Still Had Roses
Excerpt 2: Address to Breast

Gay Media Is Back
Queer press surges past mainstream
in ad growth. (5-24-05)

Cosmetic Companies Compete for Gay Shelves
Ad dollars for gay men grow as quickly as a five o'clock shadow. (3-31-05

Notes on 'Susan'
Would Susan Sontag have been as famous if she'd come out as a lesbian? Doubtful. (2-19-05)

Diet Pepsi, Subway Go Gay at Super Bowl
After Janet, a kinder, gentler approach. (2-19-05)

Same-Sex Marriage Ads Dominated 2004
Anti-gay ads take the cake. (2-10-05)

¡Viva Gonzales!
He's one of us. (2-3-05)

Chambers of Judge Alberto Gonzales
The caballero of torture rides into the Attorney General's office. (2-3-05)

Inaugural Streets
Who will be there? A brief look. (1-19-05)

Democrats Target Gay Voters
Follow corporate trend with mixed results. (11-28-04)

Research Booms on Same-Sex Couples
Marriages unleash scramble. (5-28-04)

Marriage Equality Begins in Massachusetts
Separate but equal wrong for everyone. (5-19-04)

Torture and America
So this is us. (5-13-04)

Photos | Operation Freedom Of Choice
Hundreds of thousands march to support abortion rights and women's health worldwide. (5-4-04)

Cheney For Gay Marriage?
Log Cabin Republicans use VP's statements in an antiamendment ad. (4-2-04)

Marriage Fight Energizes Queers
Republicans and Democrats beware! (3-10-04)

After Haiti, Venezuela?
Setting the stage for another coup. (2-26-04)

"Overt Discrimination and Maudlin Sentimentality"
The press examines Bush's demand for an amendment to ban gay marriage. (2-26-04)

Gay Marriage, The New WMD?
Bush demands Constitution be changed to ban gay marriage. Plus transcript. (2-24-04)

Same-Sex Marriage As Civil Disobedience
Upping the ante. (2-24-04)

Ground Zero Ban on Vets?
New York vendors fight for their rights — and yours. (2-24-04)

Commercial Closet
IBM: Beyond Gay Vague
Big Blue's first overtly gay ad hits magazines. (1-5-04)

Commercial Closet
Gay Dads Fashionable
From Chereskin to IKEA, where, "my daddies are also a set." (11-13-03)

US Occupation of Iraq Draws Global Protests
From D.C. to Seoul, demonstrators demand hands off. (10-30-03)

Afghan Women Face Taliban, Again
U.S. considers old ally as security disintegrates. (10-16-03)

Commercial Closet
A Blackened Eye for Queer Guys
Bravo rejects commercials courting randy gays. (10-1-03)

Bush in Translation
What Bush really meant in his September 23 speech at the United Nations. (9-25-03)
Annan: "History is a harsh judge"
Chirac: "Multilateralism... is a guarantee of legitimacy and democracy"
Bush: "The clearest of divides"

UN: Latin America in Unison
They're critical of the United States... without naming it. (9-25-03)

9/11 and the Danger Within
How Bush's "security" is corrupting America. (9-11-03)

Black Gay Leadership Group Vanishes
Americans mark the 1963 March on Washington as the National Black Lesbian and Gay Leadership Forum dies. (8-21-03)

Nation-Razing in Liberia
Will Bush bite peace-keeping bullet? (7-3-03)

Gay Rights Supreme in U.S. High Court
Biggest battle now in the church. (7-3-03)

The Iraqniad
Iraq, Iran and the axis of Ira. (5-28-03)

America, My Love
Uncle Sam and a gay immigrant from the land of the Islamic bomb. (5-20-03)

Volvo Bids for Gay Families
"Some families are carefully planned. Others, you just meet along the way." (5-15-03)

Cuba: Last Gasp?
Or same old song and dance with Uncle Sam? (4-18-03)

Iraq War Won't Help the Homos
Western domination with a gun in one hand, a gay rights manual in the other. (4-15-03)

Hell, Conquering Hero
Baghdad — or Belfast? (4-03-03)

Antiwar Austin, Texas
Despite media and cops. (4-03-03)

The War On Sex
Anglo-American child-porn hysteria escalates. (3-27-03)

Video: New York Queers Say No To War
As the US bombed Baghdad on Saturday, March 22,
lgbt New Yorkers came out en masse — against the war.

George Does The Azores
At "peace" summit, George W. Bush issues ultimatum for war. (3-17-03)

Tugs of War
With sneers and threats, Bush bolsters the antiwar effort. (3-14-03)

Photos: Women's Demo DC
Responding to a "Code Pink" alert, several thousand women and supporters marched in DC on International Women's Day to protest against the planned U.S. war in Iraq.

Millions Marched, Now What?
After last weekend's massive rallies, antiwar demonstrators worldwide are planning their next steps.

Record Antiwar Demos Worldwide
This weekend, between 8 and 12 million people worldwide participated in demonstrations against the planned U.S. war in Iraq. (2-16-03)
NYC Demo: Photos | Video

Navy Bids Vieques Adiós
The U.S. Navy announces it will end battle training on Vieques in May, but the job for activists on the Puerto Rican island isn't over yet. (2-13-03)

Powell's Battle Cry — or Whine?
In his speech to the UN Security Council Colin Powell presented evidence that Iraq violated UN resolution 1441, but did he justify a war? (2-6-03)
Part 1 transcript Powell speech
Part 2 transcript Powell speech

Shakira Knows
Colombian pop superstar, Shakira, struck a blow for world peace at her sold out Madison Square Garden concert. (11-22-02)

Theological Gynecology
Dr. W. David Hager, who advises women to pray and read the Bible to ease premenstrual pain, may chair Bush's Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee. (11-14-02)

The Commercial Closet
Saturn and VW Ads Take Different Roads
Saturn turns homophobia into a joke in an advertising campaign, "that's timeless and humorous." (11-11-02)

Opposition Isn't Enough
Why antiwar activists need to hold their noses and consider "national security." (11-6-02)

The Father Of Us All
Remembering Harry Hay, who was the first to believe that homosexuals were a cultural minority, not a bunch of degenerate or misguided individuals. (10-26-02)

The Invisible Opposition to Bush's War
Can anti-war protesters be effective if they don't get media attention? (10-23-02)

Against Progress
"Protect the progressive agenda and vote Democrat," I'm told on a daily basis, or the floodgates to racism, homophobia, and a repeat of election hell 2000 will be flung open. (10-10-02)

In Our Names
Support for carte blanche war powers for Bush is less unanimous among Democrats than it appears. (9-22-02)

California Dreams
Chris Lymbertos describes how she left Iran at seventeen to study in Greece, but burned her bridges when she became politically active as an out Iranian lesbian in San Francisco. (9-22-02)

Remembering September 11th as a Queer Muslim
Since 9/11, the world has changed. The "war on terrorism" has turned our communities into a battleground. And the Islamic principles of peace, social justice, and tolerance seem distant. (9-12-02)

Globalization Hits the Catskills
The World Summit's issues should be ringing bells in a region where the drought is also a metaphor for the economy. (9-5-02)

The Next Iraq War: Why Everyone Should Oppose It
Including why this war is an lgbt issue. (9-5-02)

Slouching Towards Iraq
Despite the enthusiastic dissidents in Berlin, the fate of Afghanistan bodes ill for a U.S.-invaded Iraq. (8-23-02)

US press kowtows to Radical Islamists
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

The abortion debate gets real
The Nation (US)

Rx for GOP doom? (US)



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