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Egypt's 'Moderate' Facade Crumbles
The anti-gay verdict in Cairo is par for the course among book burnings, political imprisonments, and cheap, opportunistic anti-Americanism. (11-15-01)

Gays Guilty in Cairo
The Gully speaks with Sydney Levy of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission about the verdict in the Queen Boat Trial. What can be done? (11-15-01)

Zimbabwe: Outlasting Opposition
Why Geoff Nyaroata, the editor of Zimbabwe's only current privately-owned daily newspaper, The Daily News, was jailed in Harare. (11-8-01)

Gay Muslims in the Post-Attack World
The Gully speaks with Pakistani-American, Faisal Alam, who talks about being gay and Muslim as hate crimes surge in the U.S., and queers abroad bear the brunt of Bush's uncritical choice of allies. (10-27-01)

Throwing Gays to the Fundamentalist Wolves
As Egyptian President Mubarak pledges support for U.S. bombings in Afghanistan, gay men in Egypt are tried as terrorists. Why? (10-12-01)

Why Egypt Is Targeting Gays
Hossam Bahgat tells us how the defendants in the Queen Boat trial are testament to an insecure regime, a threatened gay community, a mediocre press and a shattered rights movement. Bahgat lost his job immediately after publishing this article. (7-31-01)

Beating the Gay Stigma of AIDS
Twenty years into the AIDS epidemic, the United Nations finally held a Special Session on HIV and AIDS. Both gay activists and Muslim fundamentalists alike may be ignoring the basics. (6-28-01)

The Secrets of War
As Americans confront Kerrey's bloody role in Vietnam, the French are revisiting atrocities in Algeria. Are we asking the right questions? (5-8-01)

Namibia: The Bermuda Triangle of African Homophobia
Namibia Prez Nujoma threatens gays with prison and deportation, but it is Zimbabwe's Mugabe who's driving the regional anti-gay bandwagon. (3-28-01)

A Bloody Ramadan In Algeria
Deaths in the ongoing civil war between Muslim fundamentalists and the Algerian government pass almost unnoticed as President Bouteflika rehabilitates the country's bloody image. (12-27-00)

South Africa: Apartheid Military Forced Gay Troops Into Sex-Change Operations
As many as 900 white lesbian and gay soldiers forced to undergo 'sex-change' operations. Alleged instigator practicing medicine in Canada. (8-25-00)

Property of the State: The Torture of Queer Soldiers in the Apartheid Military
While the apartheid era's black victims are well-documented, information is just now appearing of how the apartheid military abused its white gay conscripts. (8-25-00)

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