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Opposition Isn't Enough
Why antiwar activists need to hold their noses and consider "national security." (11-6-02)

The Invisible Opposition to Bush's War
Can anti-war protesters be effective if they don't get media attention? (10-23-02)

Secrets in Tehran
Mona, a 21-year old student and lesbian, talks about her decision to stay in Tehran. "I don't know why, but despite all the difficulties in Iran, I love it here, more than anywhere else." (9-22-02)

California Dreams
Chris Lymbertos describes how she left Iran at seventeen to study in Greece, but burned her bridges when she became politically active as an out Iranian lesbian in San Francisco. (9-22-02)

Remembering September 11th as a Queer Muslim
Since 9/11, the world has changed. The "war on terrorism" has turned our communities into a battleground. And the Islamic principles of peace, social justice, and tolerance seem distant. (9-12-02)

Coming Out Against the Israeli Occupation: Part 2
The Gully interview with U.S. queer activist Emmaia Gelman continues with a look at suicide bombings and non-violent resistance, Palestinian leadership, the "coming out" quandary, and Palestinian queers. (9-12-02)

Coming Out Against the Israeli Occupation: Part 1
U.S. queer activist Emmaia Gelman talks about her visit to Israel and the West Bank, including the state of Palestinian refugee camps, and the importance of Jewish anti-occupation activism. (9-5-02)

The Next Iraq War: Why Everyone Should Oppose It
Including why this war is an lgbt issue. (9-5-02)

Mortal Danger
From a country that can't shoot down a single plane? (9-1-02)

Slouching Towards Iraq
Despite the enthusiastic dissidents in Berlin, the fate of Afghanistan bodes ill for a U.S.-invaded Iraq. (8-23-02)

Powder Keg in Iran
Upcoming elections along with U.S. threats to invade neighboring Iraq are puting the pressure on reformers. (7-31-02)

Gay Pride Jerusalem: Making History in the Holy City
Waiting for the perfect conditions for liberation, you can grow old and die, especially in a city with 4,000 years of turbulent history. (6-13-02)

Likud Licks Sharon
Ariel Sharon's Likud Party resolves never, ever to allow the creation of a Palestinian state. (5-14-02)

Queer Arts: Yoorzite Carnaval
A short excerpt from a video by Uzi Parnes. Filmed during Mardi Gras celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, the work marks the anniversary of his father's death. (3-20-02)

Uzi Parnes: Going All Out
Experimental filmmaker and performer, Uzi Parnes, talks about his life and work, including his immigration from Tel Aviv to Levittown, Long Island at the age of nine. (3-20-02)

A Foot in the Door For Gay Israel?
In the midst of Israeli-Palestinian butchery, and sinking popularity for Ariel Sharon, a historic first meeting between an Israeli Prime Minister and the lgbt community is held. (3-7-02)

Between God and the Devil: The Killing of Daniel Pearl
Turn on the TV any time in the last week, and you're sure to have caught lengthy, humanizing odes to Daniel Pearl, the American journalist kidnapped and killed in Pakistan. What they aren't saying. (3-1-02)

Gay Israel: No Pride In Occupation
The first official meeting between an Israeli prime minister and the gay community will take place next week. Is it a victory for queers or a self-inflicted defeat? (2-21-02)

Queer in the Land of Sodom
Lee Walzer, chronicler of gay Israel, gives us an overview of the lgbt movement from the midnight repeal of the sodomy law, to a transgender singer's ground-breaking international victory. (2-21-02)

Endangered Valentine's
In the midst of the brutal Israeli-Palestinian butchery, a Jerusalem gay couple will spend Valentine's Day desperately fighting to remain together. (2-14-02)

Queering Democracy in Iran
Increasingly, Iranians feel that the Islamists have had their chance to run the country and failed. But will the new Iran turn to the East or to the West, or embrace both? (1-23-02)

The Only Lesbian In Iran
Growing up in Iran, Niloufar thought she was the only Iranian lesbian in existence. How the aftermath of 9-ll has affected her as a queer, Middle Eastern immigrant. (1-23-02)

An Open Letter to Khatami
A gay man asks Iran's President, What does your "civilization" have to offer? (1-23-02)

Saudis Execute Gay Men
Like the Christians thrown to the lions by the fading Romans, the deaths of the three gay men beheaded on New Year's day by the U.S. oil ally Saudi Arabia were not about religion, but about politics. About power. (1-4-02)

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