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The Cuba Files
Complete reporting, analysis and opinion of Cuba, and U.S.-Cuba relations.

The Complete Elian

All about the Elian Gonzalez Saga, and the impact of his case on the United States, Cuban-Americans, and U.S.-Cuba policy.

Havana is Waiting
A review of the autobiographical play by Eduardo Machado, a gay Cuban-American writer and Pedro Pan emigrant. Includes the drama over child-icon Elián González (11-9-01)

Life After Elian
After seven months of twilight-zone captivity in the United States, Elian Gonzalez has finally returned to his homeland. Cuba-U.S. relations will never be the same again. (6-29-00)

Adiós, Elian
After yesterday's Atlanta ruling, Elian could be just four days away from Cardenas, Cuba, his hometown, just 96 hours away from his own bed. (6-24-00)

Keeping Company with the Devils
Gay Dogs, Cuban Vice, Sharks, and Lawyers for Elian's Miami relatives. Chuck 45 considers their headlining convergence. (6-23-00)

Judging Elian
U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has grudgingly upheld the INS ruling returning Elian, the young Cuban shipwreck victim, to his father. (6-2-00)

Vieques and Miami: The Perils of Swallowing Nations
The operations had more in common than Janet Reno, federal agents, and foreign-flag-waving U.S. citizens. Find out what. (5-9-00)

The Cuba Gospel According to Chuck
Whose responsibility is U.S. foreign policy towards Cuba? Chuck 45 tells you why it's his. (5-1-00)

Five months of agony end in three minutes
It speaks volumes about Cuban-Americans, and the U.S., that federal agents finally had to step in early Saturday morning, April 22, to remove Elian from the house of the Miami relatives who had refused to return the boy to his father. (4-22-00)

White Woman's Burden
Controversial and ominous ruling on Elian's case gives victory to Miami Cuban-Americans on the anniversary of the Bay of Pigs, and a slap on the hand to Janet Reno. (4-20-00)

Sick of the Saga
When the kid Elian comes on the box, his two fingers up in V-signs like Nixon, he's nothing more than an anti-Castro voodoo doll. (4-12-00)

Father and Son
By denigrating his father, and Cuba, the Miami relatives have damaged Elian's bonds with both, and his very sense of self. (4-13-00)

Elian Eclipsed: The Last Act Begins
The only question is when, not if, Elian will be returned to his father. The Gully begins to assess the fallout. (4-4-00)

Will Gore Uphold the Constitution
Instead of criticizing his friend Mayor Penelas for his ugly secessionist outburst, Gore sided with him. (4-11-00)

Elian Democracy
The Gully examines the violent response of Miami's Cuban-American to Elian's imminent and legal departure. (3-30-00)

Judge Slams Elian Ball Back Into Reno's Court
U.S. Judge K. Michael Moore's ruling on March 21 upholds the INS January order to return Elian to his father in Cuba. But it's not over if Al Gore has his pre-election say. (3-21-00)

Elian Nation: The Saga Continues
What began as a story about the fate of 6-year old Elian Gonzalez has ballooned into the usual Cuba - U.S. soap opera. (3-5-00)

Al Gore Eats Elian Gonzalez
The delicious taste of foreign policy when the Florida Cuban American vote is at stake. (2-29-00)

Standing Outside The Bathroom Door
The motives of his relatives may be humanitarian, or coarsely political, but Elian is still suffering the effects of 'parental kidnapping.' (2-18-00)

The Saga of Elian Gonzalez: A Brief History
On Sunday, November 21, 1999 a mother picked up her 5-year-old son from his father's house where the boy mostly lived. She told the father they were going on a picnic, but instead she took her son to an isolated beach where her ex-con boyfriend and 11 others were waiting... (2-6-00)

Elian's Dad: GUILTY
Parenting While Cuban

The pain of Juan Miguel Gonzalez, who awaits the return of his son, 6-year old Elian, is an agony familiar to anyone who's ever lost a child from institutionalized hatred--racism, homophobia, bigotry-- from politics, or from death. (2-6-00)

Elian's Miami Utopia
Where is Elian now? What is this Florida Utopia he arrived at miraculously from the sea? Explore the precious pearls of his new school, family, town. (2-6-00)

The Political Closet: What Cubans Really Think About Elian
The best kept secret in America is that hardline anti-Castro Cuban-Americans don't speak for anyone but themselves, not for those still in Cuba, nor for most Cuban-Americans, or even for most Cuban dissidents. Who's saying what? (2-6-00)

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