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A Bloody Ramadan In Algeria
Deaths in the ongoing civil war between Muslim fundamentalists and the Algerian government pass almost unnoticed as President Bouteflika rehabilitates the country's bloody image. Includes a look at the legacy of French abuses. (12-27-00)

Environment: The U.S. Cut Greenhouse Gasses? When Pigs Fly
You can kiss global warming hello. The pro-industry, anti-regulatory Bush has usurped the White House, and talks fell apart at the Hague. (12-4-00)

France: Outing in Gay Paree
The new hot issue in the Paris mayoral and parliamentary elections—the gay and lesbian vote. Peeks at outed Romero, pandering Séguin, and openly gay Delanoë. (10-30-00)

The Bitter Pope
World Pride 2000 in Rome has brought forth papal tirades, attacks on the Italian media, and a new epoch of visibility for the Italian queer movement. (7-11-00)

Rome, Open City
Human rights were at the forefront as queers from El Salvador, Romania, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Brazil and elsewhere gathered for World Pride 2000. (7-9-00)

In Eternal Rome, Gays 1, Vatican 0
The Vatican and its neo-fascist allies fought tooth and nail to get the World Pride 2000 march canceled. They lost. (7-8-00)

St. Paddy's Day Gone to the Snakes
An examination of the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization's decade long fight to be included in the New York St. Patrick's Day parade, and the politics and issues that prevent them. (3-14-00)

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