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Day Late, Peseta Short in Spain
A crumb for gays imprisoned under Franco's homophobic laws and kept there after his death. (12-18-01)

Two Strikes Against Terror
Baltasar Garzón makes progress against Al Qaeda terrorists in Spain — without trampling on civil liberties. (11-24-01)

Under Attack in Yugoslavia: Gay Rights and Democracy
Anti-gay hysteria and ultra-nationalist violence in a society supposed to be rapidly moving toward democracy. The story of Stonewall 2001, Yugoslavia-style. (7-23-01)

Violence Stops Yugoslavia Gay Pride
Two days after Slobodan Milosevic was summarily shipped to The Hague to stand trial for genocide, a violent, well organized Serb ultra-nationalist mob vented their anger on Yugoslavia's first Gay Pride March. (7-5-01)

Why Gays Got Attacked in Belgrade: An Eyewitness Account
Jasmina Tesanovic describes how a silent, sullen majority is behind the violent mob that beat up gay marchers last weekend in Belgrade. (7-5-01)

Photos: Gay Pride, Brussels 2001
Lieve Snellings offers us the just married, the anti-marriage, the blue, the bold, and the politicoes. (6-20-01)

A Gay Spring in Brussels
Belgium's Gay and Lesbian Pride parade, and the intricacies of organizing in a tri-lingual, multicultural society. (5-23-01)

The Secrets of War
As Americans confront Kerrey's bloody role in Vietnam, the French are revisiting atrocities in Algeria. Are we asking the right questions? (5-8-01)

Invisible Gays Rattle Political Chains in Portugal
A political controversy, and the disconnect it reveals between an emerging Portuguese queer rights movement and mainstream center and left Portuguese politicos. (5-1-01)

Bush Secedes from Kyoto, Establishes Rogue State
In the European press, Bush's glib environmental destruction is eliciting comparisons to the Taliban, and to isolationist Americans who stood by while Hitler rose. What will bring Bush into the global community? (4-2-01)

Labor's Queer Irish Troubles
How New York labor stabbed queers in the back and got away with it. A tale of power, money, religion, and the Irish. (3-20-01)

A Queerly Mellow St. Paddy's Day
This year, ILGO traded handcuffs for placards, and quietly protested their exclusion from the St. Patrick's Day Parade. (3-20-01)

France: Delanoë Does It!
Bertrand Delanoë's victory in the Parisian mayoralty race establishes an out gay person as top dog of a world-class city, while installing a left-wing alliance in the city council for the first time since the 1871 Paris Commune. (3-19-01)

United States: The Tobacco Presidency
The global impact of a tobacco-indebted George W. Bush. (3-19-01)

Letter From Luxembourg: Ashcroft's Ad Hoc Bull
In Senate confirmation hearings, Attorney General John Ashcroft blamed papist Luxembourgers for his homophobic attacks on James Hormel. A skeptical Luxembourger weighs in! (2-5-01)

Ashcroft Sticks It To Luxembourg
Slippery Johnny Ashcroft tells Senate don't blame me for dissing gay Hormel, but those papist Cro-Magnons down in Luxembourg. (1-29-01)

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