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Commercial Closet
Yahoo and Virgin Mobile Like Predatory Gays for Ads
Despite social progress in the UK, gay men are still consistently shown as a predatory, buggering lot in new commercials. (12-12-02)

One Face of Gay Africa: Part 1
Cheikh Traoré is a 35 year-old AIDS educator working with African communities in London. He talks about his work, and what it was like growing up gay in West Africa. (12-4-02)

Bertrand Soars
Approval ratings for Paris's openly gay mayor soar after he's knifed by a homophobe. (10-17-02)

Slouching Towards Iraq
Despite the enthusiastic dissidents in Berlin, the fate of Afghanistan bodes ill for a U.S.-invaded Iraq. (8-23-02)

The Pride of Croatia
Croatian queers celebrated their first ever Gay Pride by marching through the center of Zagreb, the capital. (7-2-02)

The Ebony Englishman and the Colored Gaul
When the brilliant, multi-racial French football team won the World Cup in '98, some Latin American media couldn't see past their skin. What is Univisión up to now? (6-27-02)

Steal This Box!
Two gay men steal a ballot box in France to protest years of harassment. (6-21-02)

The République's Tango
Arab and black French citizens make up about 10 percent of the country, but are represented in parliament by only one black member from mainland France. Post-Le Pen elections look no different. (6-10-02)

Global Warming: Bush Fiddles While New York Burns
Quibble long enough over plans to rebuild the World Trade Center area, and they will become a moot point. Plus EU signs Kyoto pact. (6-6-02)

Big Giant Head
Bush's European tour, and the diet that would turn his administration around. (5-26-02)

Mourning Pim Fortuyn
The "tolerant" left and the demonizing of the out and proud Dutch politician assassinated by a white Dutch ecofanatic. (5-14-02)

The Specter of Globalization
Turmoil in Argentina. Le Pen's extreme-right surge in France. Al Qaeda and the radical Muslim agenda. A specter is haunting the world: the specter of globalization. (4-26-02)

French Election Earthquake
The political earthquake which catapulted extreme rightist Jean-Marie Le Pen to the presidential runoff in France. (4-21-02)

Spain's Gay Parish Priest
José Mantero, the parish priest of the Andalusian town of Valverde del Camino has outed himself, in style. "I thank God for being gay," the intrepid priest told the Spanish gay magazine, Zero. (2-2-02)

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