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Gay Pride, Soccer Mania in Brazil

by Juan Pérez Cabral

JUNE 3, 2002. Sao Paulo, Brazil, was host to the biggest lgbt pride parade in Latin America on Sunday. The parade of 400,000 queers and friends was headed by Marta Suplicy, the city's left-leaning mayor, who is a long-time supporter of gay rights.

Lgbt people have also found an ally in Brazil's current president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who has recently come out in favor of civil unions for same-sex partners. Cardoso has even been photographed holding aloft the rainbow flag of the gay movement.

His new open-mindedness may be due to the struggling numbers of his party in presidential polls and the visibly growing heft of the gay vote.

Some of the pride marchers also came out of the closet as unmitigated Brazilian soccer fans, dressed from head to foot in the national colors, and wielding soccer balls. Their zeal was rewarded Monday by a first round victory against Turkey in the World Cup.

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