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Beware Minorities, Women, Queers: Ashcroft Is Coming!
The ultra-conservative Ashcroft's likely effects on civil rights, abortion, the environment, and the separation of church and state. (12-27-00)

Bush Cabinet of Color Takes Bow
African Americans Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, and Hispanic Alberto R. Gonzales, are now in Bush's fold. Will they build bridges to communities of color and other minorities, or just try to outconservative the conservatives? (12-18-00)

Chavela Junks the Closet
At age 81, the legendary Mexican singer Chavela Vargas finally announced what we knew all along, that she is a dyke. (12-11-00)

A Mother Takes On The Ayatollah
While Iran's hardline Muslims shut down reformist newspapers, and parade 'errant' journalists through court, lesbian, gay and transgendered people struggle to survive. Meet an unlikely activist. (11-13-00)

Thank God It's Over!
There is no American politics, just religion. A politician can't just do a good job, they have to BE good. And the only way to convert the masses is to pander like hell. (11-7-00)

Bush vs. Gore: What's At Stake For You
How the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election on November 7 may affect the daily life of Americans, and of millions all over the world. Including gays in the military, and queer civil rights. (11-6-00)

Outing in Gay Paree
The new hot issue in the Paris mayoral and parliamentary elections—the gay and lesbian vote. Peeks at outed Romero, pandering Séguin, and openly gay Delanoë. (10-30-00)

Portrait of An Activist
Meet one of a new breed of activists that is changing the face of AIDS and queer organizing in Latin America. (10-30-00)

En español
Retrato de un activista
Un miembro de la nueva generación de activistas que está redefiniendo la lucha contra el VIH/SIDA y en pro de los derechos humanos de las comunidades lgbt en Latinoamérica. (10-30-00)

An Oasis In A Culture of Violence
In Central America and other poor regions of the world, the AIDS epidemic and the foreign funding to combat it have opened a tiny window of opportunity for queers to begin talking to each other. (10-23-00)

En español
Cómo ser lesbiana en Guatemala
Una entrevista con Claudia Acevedo. Esta activista lesbiana, feminista y madre, nos dice la verdad sobre la homofobia, la invisibilidad de las lesbianas, las clases sociales y el arte de organizarse en Guatemala. (10-23-00)

Gay Life Emerges in Guatemala
Activist bar owners and gay HIV/AIDS prevention pioneers are helping gay life emerge in Guatemala. But this violent, macho, AIDS-phobic society still confines thousands of queers to the closet. (10-16-00)

How To Be A Lesbian In Guatemala
An interview with Claudia Acevedo. This lesbian activist, feminist, and mom, gives us the Guatemalan lowdown on homophobia, lesbian invisibility, class, and organizing. (10-16-00)

An Elephant in Their Midst
A pachyderm no one wants to see lumbers through the Cheney-Lieberman debate—it's the specter of lesbian daughter extraordinaire, Mary Cheney. (10-9-00)

VP Debate Excerpt: Gay Rights, Gay Wrongs
The complete transcript of the exchange on same-sex marriage between vice-presidential candidates Joe Lieberman (Democrat) and Dick Cheney (Republican) on October 5, 2000. (10-9-00)

Darwinian Gender
Of cockatoo-crested girls, and grunting, chain-laden boys. Why it's so hard to be a woman, or a man, on the wrong side of America's tracks. (10-9-00)

Ralph Nader's Vanishing Act
Race, women's rights, and queer civil rights have been rendered invisible by Nader's campaign. Is this the third party we need? (10-2-00)

The Transgender Wars
A look at problems facing the transgender community, including violence, obstacles to education, homelessness, unemployment, lack of legislation, and reluctant allies. (10-2-00)

Venezuelan HIV Activists Defeat Libertador University
A court orders Venezuela's national teachers college to stop requiring an HIV test for admission. HIV/AIDs discrimination increases against those most susceptible to the silently growing epidemic, especially the very poor, or black, or gay. (9-2-00)

South Africa: Apartheid Military Forced Gay Troops Into Sex-Change Operations
As many as 900 white lesbian and gay soldiers forced to undergo 'sex-change' operations. Alleged instigator practicing medicine in Canada. (8-25-00)

Property of the State: The Torture of Queer Soldiers in the Apartheid Military
While the apartheid era's black victims are well-documented, information is just now appearing of how the apartheid military abused its white gay conscripts. (8-25-00)

I Want to Be a CIA Oil Puppet
Chuck 45 examines Big Oil's influence on the presidential elections, effects of ending the Cuban embargo, the lesbian Mary Cheney's defense of homophobic Coors, and a whole lot more. (8-21-00)

Ecuador: Scapegoating in Guayaquil
Police action against a Gay Pride March in Ecuador, violates the 1998 Constitution, and triggers repression in a country politically and economically on the brink. (8-1-00)

The Bitter Pope
World Pride 2000 in Rome has brought forth papal tirades, attacks on the Italian media, and a new epoch of visibility for the Italian queer movement. (7-11-00)

Rome, Open City
Human rights were at the forefront as queers from El Salvador, Romania, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Brazil and elsewhere gathered for World Pride 2000. (7-9-00)

In Eternal Rome, Gays 1, Vatican 0
The Vatican and its neo-fascist allies fought tooth and nail to get the World Pride 2000 march canceled. They lost. (7-8-00)

Confessions of a Cop-Hater
One dyke's examination of her cop-hating reflex, as well as the nature of policing itself. (7-7-00)

Keeping Company with the Devils
Gay Dogs, Cuban Vice, Sharks, and Lawyers for Elian's Miami relatives. Chuck 45 considers their headlining convergence. (6-23-00)

The Porcelain Throne
Meditations by a hickster dyke on the conundrums of identity, activism, diversity, and toilets. (6-16-00)

Vieques and Queers: Common Ground
Puerto Rican queers embody, in the flesh, the illegal status of their homeland in the world—like the people of Vieques. (6-9-00)

Lesbian and Gay Taiwan: A Yardstick of Democracy
An overview of lesbian and gay Taiwan including the half century of martial law when any gender irregularity could mean prison or worse, and the first years of democracy. (6-2-00)

The Cuba Gospel According to Chuck 45
"And while I've never been too fond of American moralizing, that was before I started doing it myself right here, right now, in my own queer way. It feels good. Get used to it." (4-30-00)

St. Paddy's Day Gone to the Snakes
An examination of the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization's decade long fight to be included in the New York St. Patrick's Day parade, and the politics and issues that prevent them. (3-14-00)

Cuba Now: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Castro's Cuba is a maddeningly complex knot. The opposition is oppressed but not shot, the citizens live long healthy lives, the queens have returned, and the bumbling economy is getting a boost from Europe. Gay Cuba links at the end. (3-5-00)

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