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Day Late, Peseta Short in Spain
A crumb for gays imprisoned under Franco's homophobic laws and kept there after his death. (12-18-01)

Top Gun McSally Sues U.S.
On top of the world, or in the doghouse? How a McSally victory against the U.S. Air Force's sex and religion discrimination in Saudi Arabia may kill her career, and thwart queer rights at home. (12-10-01)

Say "Oui!"
Lesbian and gay couples in Quebec will be able to tie the proverbial knot as early as next summer. (12-10-01)

Egypt's 'Moderate' Facade Crumbles
The anti-gay verdict in Cairo is par for the course among book burnings, political imprisonments, and cheap, opportunistic anti-Americanism. (11-15-01)

Gays Guilty in Cairo
The Gully speaks with Sydney Levy of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission about the verdict in the Queen Boat Trial. What can be done? (11-15-01)

Havana is Waiting
A review of the autobiographical play by Eduardo Machado, a gay writer and Pedro Pan emigrant. (11-9-01)

Civic Life and Death In The Gay Apple
After September 11, televangelists Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson were the only proof that queers had ever existed in America. How we turned the gay eraser on ourselves. (10-31-01)

Why Queers Were Silent
Three New York activists weigh in on the silence and invisibility of the lgbt community in the weeks immediately following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Plus imagining the future. (10-31-01)

Gay Muslims in the Post-Attack World
The Gully speaks with Pakistani-American, Faisal Alam, who talks about being gay and Muslim as hate crimes surge in the U.S., and queers abroad bear the brunt of Bush's uncritical choice of allies. (10-27-01)

Throwing Gays to the Fundamentalist Wolves
As Egyptian President Mubarak pledges support for U.S. bombings in Afghanistan, gay men in Egypt are tried as terrorists. Why? (10-12-01)

Watching the Twin Towers Fall
When the first tower collapsed, everything fell from such a height it seemed to come down slowly, almost gracefully, but there were thousands and thousands of people under the debris. (9-12-01)

New York Faces Terror
"Thousands of people were running north this morning on Centre Street, fleeing a gigantic ball of black ash and fire released by the first collapsing World Trade Center Tower. I was one of them." (9-11-01)

Gays Issues Nixed At UN Racism and Intolerance Conference
Anti-gay violence is on the rise, as international silence makes queers the last globally acceptable scapegoats. (8-30-01)

Is Spanish Radio Training Bigots?
The impact of radio programs like El Vacilón feeding a steady diet of intolerance to Spanish speakers in the United States. (8-4-01)

Candidate Ferrer, Bronx Pride, and Mega Bigotry
How the divas of Latino hate-with-a-smirk radio came to be featured players in a New York City Gay Pride parade. And why gay-friendly mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer ignored the protests of gay Latino activists. (7-31-01)

Why Egypt Is Targeting Gays
Hossam Bahgat tells us how the defendants in the Queen Boat trial are testament to an insecure regime, a threatened gay community, a mediocre press and a shattered rights movement. Bahgat lost his job immediately after publishing this article. (7-31-01)

Under Attack in Yugoslavia: Gay Rights and Democracy
Anti-gay hysteria and ultra-nationalist violence in a society supposed to be rapidly moving toward democracy. The story of Stonewall 2001, Yugoslavia-style. (7-23-01)

Violence Stops Yugoslavia Gay Pride
Two days after Slobodan Milosevic was summarily shipped to The Hague to stand trial for genocide, a violent, well organized Serb ultra-nationalist mob vented their anger on Yugoslavia's first Gay Pride March. (7-5-01)

Why Gays Got Attacked in Belgrade: An Eyewitness Account
Jasmina Tesanovic describes how a silent, sullen majority is behind the violent mob that beat up gay marchers last weekend in Belgrade. (7-5-01)

Beating the Gay Stigma of AIDS
Twenty years into the AIDS epidemic, the United Nations finally held a Special Session on HIV and AIDS. Both gay activists and Muslim fundamentalists alike may be ignoring the basics. (6-28-01)

Gays Wed in Cuba: The Second Revolution
The first gay wedding in Cuba may be a sign that the cat and mouse game between queers and Cuban authorities for control of public space is entering a new phase. (6-21-01)

Queer Arts Series: Photos by Al Baltrop
The Gully's new queer arts series begins with an exhibition of work by Al Baltrop. His 1970's photographs caught gay life on the New York City piers from a rare insider's perspective. (6-20-01)

Photos: Gay Pride, Brussels 2001
Lieve Snellings offers us the just married, the anti-marriage, the blue, the bold, and the politicos. (6-20-01)

Another Black Experience: Gay Daddy
Meet Al Baltrop, photographer of New York City gay life, and, for the young neighborhood queers, unofficial AIDS educator and Gay Daddy. (6-6-01)

A Gay Spring in Brussels
Belgium's Gay and Lesbian Pride parade, and the intricacies of organizing in a tri-lingual, multicultural society. (5-23-01)

A Happy Two Mothers Day
One family's intercultural, multi-generational, multi-racial melting pot, and the benefits of having lesbian parents. (5-15-01)

Transgender Rights Bill Hits New York City
Sylvia Rivera, Stonewall veteran and long-time activist told The Gully, "It's been a long road for the trans community." (5-8-01)

Invisible Gays Rattle Political Chains in Portugal
A political controversy, and the disconnect it reveals between an emerging Portuguese queer rights movement and mainstream center and left Portuguese politicos. (5-1-01)

Gay Bombshells in Brazil's Soaps
The queer strain running through Brazil's national addiction, and the untimely demise of decades of lesbian characters. (4-10-01)

Gay-Bashing in the Anti-Bush Movement
How to avoid second-class status in the name of the Cause. And the pitfalls in using a faceless Internet as an organizing tool. (4-9-01)

The Bermuda Triangle of African Homophobia
Namibia Prez Nujoma threatens lesbians and gays with prison and deportation, but it is Zimbabwe's Mugabe who's driving the regional anti-gay bandwagon. (3-28-01)

A Gay Son's Father Comes Out
Clifton Spires, founder of Sandusky/Firelands PFLAG, goes public in Ohio. (3-26-01)

Labor's Queer Irish Troubles
How New York City labor stabbed queers in the back and got away with it. A tale of power, money, religion, and the Irish. (3-20-01)

A Queerly Mellow St. Paddy's Day
This year, ILGO traded handcuffs for placards, and quietly protested their exclusion from the St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC. (3-20-01)

Delanoë Does It!
Bertrand Delanoë's victory in the Parisian mayoralty race establishes an out gay person as top dog of a world-class city, while installing a left-wing alliance in the city council for the first time since the 1871 Paris Commune. (3-19-01)

A Very Out Lesbian
Diana Mines, one of the pioneers of lesbian and gay activism in Uruguay, talks about herself, and the state of her community and her country. (3-5-01)

Bush's Reign of Milk and Honey
Republicans are giving queers, blacks, and Puerto Ricans the honey treatment, while Democrats get stung. (3-5-01)

Bush, Fox, Gays and Triumphant Love
Less than 48 hours before the quickie Bush-Fox lovefest at the Mexican President's ranch, some 500 lesbian and gay couples were symbolically wed on Valentine's Day at a massive public ceremony in Mexico City. (2-21-01)

Prez Disses Gays
At age 73, Uruguay's President Batlle disses gays to prove to the world he's not a homo. Uruguayan queer activists are not amused. (2-5-01)

Letter From Luxembourg: Ashcroft's Ad Hoc Bull
In Senate confirmation hearings, Attorney General John Ashcroft blamed papist Luxembourgers for his homophobic attacks on James Hormel. A skeptical Luxembourger weighs in! (2-5-01)

Ashcroft Sticks It To Luxembourg
Slippery Johnny Ashcroft tells Senate don't blame me for dissing gay Hormel, but those papist Cro-Magnons down in Luxembourg. (1-29-01)

Eileen Myles: Cool For You
The unvarnished truth about growing up female, queer, and literary in white, working class Boston. A book review. (1-29-01)

Oklahoma Kills Black Lesbian
Why a black lesbian, Wanda Jean Allen, was put to death by Oklahoma state employees last Thursday night. (1-13-01)

Why You Should Oppose the Death Penalty
There are currently more than 3,500 people on death row. Should they be killed? (1-13-01)

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