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Buenos Aires Approves Gay Civil Unions
In the midst of national turmoil, the Buenos Aires city council approves Latin America's first ever gay civil union ordinance. (12-14-02)

Commercial Closet
Yahoo and Virgin Mobile Like Predatory Gays for Ads
Despite social progress in the UK, gay men are still consistently shown as a predatory, buggering lot in new commercials. (12-12-02)

Creating Community in Exile
One Face of Gay Africa: Part 2. Cheikh Traoré talks about his life in London and his struggle to "invent this notion of being gay and African." (12-12-02)

Long Road Home
One Face of Gay Africa: Part 1. Cheikh Traoré is a 35 year-old AIDS educator working with African communities in London. He talks about his work, and what it was like growing up gay in West Africa. (12-4-02)

India: Kiss the Dinosaur Goodbye
One more colonial dinosaur may get the boot from India later this month if the Supreme Court there overturns the anti-gay Section 377 of the penal code. (11-22-02)

The Catholic Church and the Blame Game
U.S. bishops dilute sex abuse policy, while the Vatican targets gay priests. (11-14-02)

The Commercial Closet
Saturn and VW Ads Take Different Roads
Saturn turns homophobia into a joke in an advertising campaign, "that's timeless and humorous." (11-11-02)

The Father Of Us All
Remembering Harry Hay, who was the first to believe that homosexuals were a cultural minority, not a bunch of degenerate or misguided individuals. (10-26-02)

The Invisible Opposition to Bush's War
Can anti-war protesters be effective if they don't get media attention? Plus a look at gay groups against the war. (10-23-02)

Brazil: Lula's Closet
The gay-friendly Lula da Silva, a former metallurgical union leader who never finished grade school, is on the verge of whipping Cornell-educated economist José Serra in Brazil's presidential race. (10-20-02)

Bertrand Soars
Approval ratings for Paris's openly gay mayor soar after he's knifed by a homophobe. (10-17-02)

Against Progress
"Protect the progressive agenda and vote Democrat," I'm told on a daily basis, or the floodgates to racism, homophobia, and a repeat of election hell 2000 will be flung open. (10-10-02)

Secrets in Tehran
Mona, a 21-year old student and lesbian, talks about her decision to stay in Tehran. "I don't know why, but despite all the difficulties in Iran, I love it here, more than anywhere else." (9-22-02)

California Dreams
Chris Lymbertos describes how she left Iran at seventeen to study in Greece, but burned her bridges when she became politically active as an out Iranian lesbian in San Francisco. (9-22-02)

Remembering September 11th as a Queer Muslim
Since 9/11, the world has changed. The "war on terrorism" has turned our communities into a battleground. And the Islamic principles of peace, social justice, and tolerance seem distant. (9-12-02)

Coming Out Against the Israeli Occupation: Part 2
The Gully interview with U.S. queer activist Emmaia Gelman continues with a look at suicide bombings and non-violent resistance, Palestinian leadership, the "coming out" quandary, and Palestinian queers. (9-12-02)

Coming Out Against the Israeli Occupation: Part 1
U.S. queer activist Emmaia Gelman talks about her visit to Israel and the West Bank, including the state of Palestinian refugee camps, and the importance of Jewish anti-occupation activism. (9-5-02)

The Next Iraq War: Why Everyone Should Oppose It
Including why this war is an lgbt issue. (9-5-02)

The Homosexual Mafia
Guess who's to blame when the chairman of the anti-gay Miami-Dade Christian Coalition is arrested for fraud? (8-21-02)

Gay Labor Goes Global in Australia
The Gully talks with Ken Davis, Australian gay labor activist and organizer of the upcoming Workers Out! World Conference of LGBT Trade Unionists in Sydney. (8-13-02)

Stanley Kwan: Between Chinas
Hong Kong director, Stanley Kwan, talks about his work, life, and latest film, the gay-themed "Lan Yu." (7-27-02)

Dyke March: The Next Wave
Nadine Gartner was a 14-year-old when, in April 1993, some 20,000 raucous dykes took to the streets in Washington, D.C. for the first Dyke March in history. Now look where she is. (7-19-02)

Photos: Dyke March 2002, NYC
Diana De La Pava captured the diverse spectrum of dykes celebrating the 10th annual Dyke March in New York City on June 21. (7-19-02)

Gay Marriage: 'I didn't know girls fought'
An interview with two lesbians fighting the state of New Jersey for the right to marry. (7-19-02)

Being American
Reclaiming America from the jingoistic, authoritarian patriotism of the right and the America-phobic ideological enforcers of the left. (7-11-02)

The Pride of Croatia
Croatian queers celebrated their first ever Gay Pride by marching through the center of Zagreb, the capital. (7-2-02)

In Her Own Image: Transgender Activist Pauline Park
The Gully speaks with transgender activist and Korean adoptee, Pauline Park, about racism, transgender issues, and what's on the drawing board for the transgender movement. (7-2-02)

Boisterous Taiwan
Just ten years after their first democratic elections, Taiwanese women, indigenous peoples, and lesbians and gay men mix it up with opponents, keeping democracy alive. (6-25-02)

Steal This Box!
Two gay men steal a ballot box in France to protest years of harassment. (6-21-02)

Gay Pride Jerusalem: Making History in the Holy City
Waiting for the perfect conditions for liberation, you can grow old and die, especially in a city with 4,000 years of turbulent history. (6-13-02)

Gay Pride, Soccer Mania in Brazil
Sao Paulo, Brazil is host to the biggest lgbt pride parade in Latin America as Brazilian politicoes court growing gay clout. (6-3-02)

Justice for Gays in Egypt: Try, Try Again
Egyptian president Mubarak orders a new look at the cases of the 52 presumed gay men prosecuted in the "Queen Boat Trial." Why? (5-26-02)

Mourning Pim Fortuyn
The "tolerant" left and the demonizing of the out and proud Dutch politician assassinated by a white Dutch ecofanatic. (5-14-02)

Priests' Forgotten Victims
If the Catholic Church succeeds in defining predatory priests as a gay problem, it is partly because the public has forgotten last year's scandal: the abuse of African nuns. (5-1-02)

India Condemned For Anti-Gay Abuses
The UN Commission on Human Rights hears testimony of state-sanctioned anti-gay abuse in India, including the beatings, rape, and imprisonment of AIDS workers. (4-12-02)

Gay in Fundamentalist Hindu India
A gay Indian activist tells The Gully why India's fundamentalist Hindu government fosters violence against queers. (4-12-02)

April's Fools
Denzel Washington descends into Zimbabwe's hornet's nest of post-election violence, and homophobic scandal bearing 2,500 solid chocolate Easter eggs. (4-5-02)

Florida Creeps Back
The state that took center stage with the dramas of the Child (Elian) and the Chad (Election 2000), may soon divert us with the gubernatorial duel between Janet Reno and Jeb Bush, and Rosie O'Donnell's gay adoption crusade. (4-5-02)

A Little Irish Irony
Mychal Judge, the gay NY Fire Dept. chaplain killed on 9/11, was the Grand Marshal of this year's St. Paddy's Day parade in Chicago. Is it a sign of change? (3-28-02)

Breaking-Ground for Gays in Catholic Church
An interview with Brendan Fay about the legacy of his friend, Mychal Judge, as a Catholic Church in denial blames gays for the latest scandals. (3-28-02)

Queer Arts: Yoorzite Carnaval
The Gully is pleased to present a short excerpt from a video by New York-based artist Uzi Parnes. Filmed during Mardi Gras celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, the work marks the anniversary of his father's death. (3-20-02)

Uzi Parnes: Going All Out
Experimental filmmaker and performer, Uzi Parnes, talks about his life and work, including his immigration from Tel Aviv to Levittown, Long Island at the age of nine. (3-20-02)

Chrystos on Queer Native America
An interview with Chrystos, Native American poet, artist, and activist, about the current state of queer Native America and the de-queerifying of mainstream queers. (3-13-02)

Remembering Barbara Cameron
Mourning the loss of Barbara May Cameron, Native American activist, writer and 1975 co-founder of Gay American Indians who radically refused to be queer in one corner of her life, and native in another. (3-13-02)

A Foot in the Door For Gay Israel?
In the midst of Israeli-Palestinian butchery, and sinking popularity for Ariel Sharon, a historic first meeting between an Israeli Prime Minister and the lgbt community is held. (3-7-02)

Catfight in Catsuits No Catastrophe for Olympic Ratings
Amy asks, What's not to love about strapping butch women in skintight Lycra hurtling down an icy track on bobsleds at 80 miles per hour? (3-1-02)

Gay Israel: No Pride In Occupation
The first official meeting between an Israeli Prime Minister and the gay community will take place next week. Is it a victory for queers or a self-inflicted defeat? (2-21-02)

Queer in the Land of Sodom
Lee Walzer, chronicler of gay Israel, gives us an overview of the lgbt movement from the midnight repeal of the sodomy law, to a transgender singer's ground-breaking international victory. (2-21-02)

Our New York Hero
Sylvia Rivera, who as a 17-year-old Puerto Rican drag queen from the Bronx helped lead the 1969 Stonewall Riots that triggered the modern gay liberation movement, died in New York. (2-20-02)

Endangered Valentine's
In the midst of the brutal Israeli-Palestinian butchery, a Jerusalem gay couple will spend Valentine's Day desperately fighting to remain together. (2-14-02)

The Sophistry of War Distracting Colombia
A gay candidate for the Senate of Colombia describes how the central issues at the heart of the conflict in his country have been forgotten. (2-2-02)

Spain's Gay Parish Priest
José Mantero, the parish priest of the Andalusian town of Valverde del Camino has outed himself, in style. "I thank God for being gay," the intrepid priest told the Spanish gay magazine, Zero. (2-2-02)

AIDS Activists First in WEC Brig
Act Up's demands: that corporations provide AIDS drugs for their HIV+ workers in poor countries, and that the Bush Administration shell out to the Global AIDS Fund. (2-2-02)

Queering Democracy in Iran
Increasingly, Iranians feel that the Islamists have had their chance to run the country and failed. But will the new Iran turn to the East or to the West, or embrace both? (1-23-02)

The Only Lesbian In Iran
Growing up in Iran, Niloufar thought she was the only Iranian lesbian in existence. How the aftermath of 9-ll has affected her as a queer, Middle Eastern immigrant. (1-23-02)

An Open Letter to Khatami
A gay man asks Iran's President, What does your "civilization" have to offer? (1-23-02)

Saudis Execute Gay Men
Like the Christians thrown to the lions by the fading Romans, the deaths of the three gay men beheaded on New Year's day by the U.S. oil ally Saudi Arabia were not about religion, but about politics. About power. (1-4-02)

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