Kelly Sans Culotte

Same-Sex Marriage Ads Dominate 2004
Anti-gay ads take the cake. 2.10.05

Marriage Equality Begins in Massachusetts
Separate but equal wrong for everyone. 5.19.04

Cheney For Gay Marriage?
Log Cabin Republicans use VP's statements in an antiamendment ad. (4-2-04)

Marriage Fight Energizes Queers
Republicans and Democrats beware! (3-10-04)

"Overt Discrimination and Maudlin Sentimentality"
The press examines Bush's demand for an amendment to ban gay marriage. (2-26-04)

Gay Marriage, The New WMD?
Bush demands Constitution be changed to ban gay marriage. Plus transcript. (2-24-04)

Same-Sex Marriage As Civil Disobedience
Upping the ante. (2-24-04)

A Historic Opinion
The first Spanish language paper in the Americas to support gay marriage. (2-22-04)

Gay Rights Supreme in U.S. High Court
Biggest battle now in the church. (7-3-03)

Buenos Aires Approves Gay Civil Unions
In the midst of national turmoil, the Buenos Aires city council approves Latin America's first ever gay civil union ordinance. (12-14-02)


Va. House Approves Gay-Marriage Ban

Gays Win First Round on NY Marriage
Gay City New (US)

Canadian Gay Marriage, No Sure Thing
Gay City New (US)



Marriage Equality
Petition for Marriage

Lesbian World

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