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Rally Against Gay Marriage Draws Thousands
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Same-sex marriage sleeper issue

Major Gay Marriage Gain in N.Y.
Gay City News

Ballot wars over same-sex marriage
Christian Science Monitor

France's first gay marriage annulled despite protests
The Guardian (UK)

Angry activists: Kerry Cho-ked on gay marriage
Boston Herald (US)

Kerry's daughter favors same-sex marriage
Planet Out via Yahoo! News (US)

Gay Marriage as 'the New Abortion'
The Washington Post (reg. req'd)

'Simpsons' takes on same-sex marriage
Planet Out via Yahoo! News (US)

As the Federal Marriage Amendment Fails in the Senate, Recent and Older Examples in Legal History Provide Insight
FindLaw (US)

Vote to Ban Gay Marriage Heads to Oregon Ballot
Reuters (US)

Newlyweds March in San Fran Gay Parade

My Big Fat Funky Queer Marriage
Village Voice (US)

Episcopal bishop caught amid split over gay marriages
Boston Globe (US)

French official warns mayor on gay nuptials
Planet Out (US)

French mayor vows to perform banned gay marriage
Expatica Netherlands

France joins gay marriage debate
The Christian Science Monitor (US)

Same-Sex Couples Wed Across Massachusetts
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Q&A About Gay Marriage in Massachusetts
Associated Press (US)

Massachusetts as gay wedding capital: the national effect
Christian Science Monitor (US)

Judge Denies Bid to Stop Gay Marriages
AP via Yahoo! News (US)

Legal challenges expected to accelerate
Boston Globe (US)

Mass. preparing for a rush of gay weddings

Here Come the Brides
Fortune (US)

Dean Explains Support for Civil Union but Not Gay Marriage
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Only Mass. Residents to Get Marriage Licenses
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Same-sex marriage in Calif. Supreme Court May 25
Sacramento Bee (US)

Immigration: Unable To Marry, Unable To Stay
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Removal of Pro-Gay Marriage Judges Sought
AP via Yahoo! News (US)

Gay marriage rights lead Spanish PM's drive for sexual equality
The Guardian (UK)

Lawmaker Eyes Simple Fix to Gay Marriage Spat
Reuters via Yahoo! News (US)

It's easy as sin to target gays
Atlanta Journal-Constitution (US)

California: Election-aware Democrats tiptoe around gay marriage
San Jose Mercury News (US)

Mass. Gay marriage vote: who won and lost
Christian Science Monitor (US)

For Some, A Sanitized Movement
Washington Post (registr. req'd)

Massachusetts continues gay marriage debate

Same-sex marriage issue brings religion into politics
Louisville Courier-Journal (US)

Ads indicative of emotions in marriage debate
Boston Globe (US)

The Great Marriage Divide: Age

Same-sex couples, mainstream lifestyles
San Jose Mercury (US)

Dems: United against Bush but divided over granting full marriage rights
San Francisco Chronicle (US)

GOP: Bush is finally pushing constitutional ban; Republicans only lukewarm
San Francisco Chronicle (US)

Gay marriage debate includes questions of religious liberty
Christian Science Monitor (US)

Unitarian Ministers Conducting Same-Sex Weddings Willing to Go to Jail
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Gay Marriage: Both Sides Court Black churches
New York Times (registr. req'd)

The Joy of Gay Marriage
New York Times (registr. req'd)

Gavin Newsom: The man who defied Bush on gay rights
The Independent (UK)

Lesbian World

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