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A Muslim protester denounces the rush to war in Iraq of President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Kuala Lumpur, Oct. 11, 2002. Teh Eng Koon

Will Secular Iraq Survive a US Invasion?

by DuWayne Charles

OCTOBER 12, 2002. A day after the U.S. Congress put on its white gloves and opened the door for the White House to attack Iraq, more than 500 Iraqi Muslim clerics and scholars issued a religious edict calling on Muslims to resist in a holy war, burning "the earth under the feet" of the United States if it attacks.

As the American threat in Iraq grows, so may the power of Muslim clerics which have had little clout in Saddam's secular dictatorship.

In any case, the war and military occupation of Iraq is looking less and less like walk in the park for the woolly mammoth of the American oil empire and more like a slow death in the tar pits.

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