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by DuWayne Charles

NOVEMBER 22, 2002. Colombian pop superstar, Shakira, struck a blow for world peace Wednesday night at her sold out Madison Square Garden concert.

While the cross-over sensation sang, in Spanish, the acid lyrics of her song "Octavo Día" (Eighth Day), an intentionally crummy video showing puppets of Saddam Hussein and George Bush playing chess was projected on a giant screen.

As chess game and music got increasingly frantic, the Hussein and Bush puppets replaced the chessmen with weapons and oil wells.

In the high-decibel, guitar wailing end, the puppets lost control of the game and the puppeteer was revealed as the Grim Reaper.

"Bite the neck of hatred" was the last message on the screen at the end of the concert. A clear and stylish message.

Eat your heart out, Al Mealymouthed Gore!

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