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Antiwar protester, Saturday, February 15, 2003. The Gully

Record Antiwar Demos Worldwide

by Juan Pérez Cabral

See video or photos of NYC demo.
FEBRUARY 16, 2003. This weekend, between 8 and 12 million people worldwide participated in demonstrations against the planned U.S. war in Iraq. There were protests in more than 600 cities in 60 different countries.

Defying pro-Bush governments, about two million took to the streets in Rome to protest a US war in Iraq. In London, more than one million people protested in what police called the city's largest demonstration ever. Across Spain, several million attended anti-war rallies bigger than those after Franco's death. Barcelona with 1.3 million, Madrid with 600,000, and Seville with 200,000 protesters sent a clear message to the Aznar government.

Meanwhile, more than 70,000 people marched in Amsterdam; 60,000 in Oslo, Norway; 50,000 in Brussels, Belgium; 35,000 in Stockholm, Sweden. Berlin had up to half-a-million people; Paris 100,000. That was only the tip of the European antiwar iceberg.

In Australia, hundreds of thousands demonstrated in rallies bigger than those against the Vietnam War. There were 5,000 demonstrators in Cape Town and 4,000 in Johannesburg in South Africa; 5,000 in Tokyo; 2,000 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. An estimated 2,000 Israelis and Palestinians marched together against war in Tel Aviv. About 900 demonstrated in Puerto Rico, and 1,500 in Brazil. More than 10,000 demonstrators in Mexico City put pressure on a waffling President Fox as Mexico decides which way to vote on the UN security council.

Perhaps most significantly, several million protested a U.S. attack of Iraq at demonstrations across the United States from Los Angeles to New York. In New York, as in other parts of the world, lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender antiwar activists were extremely visible.

Rally organizers estimated the New York demo at up to 400,000 strong. Deterred neither by the brutal cold or police obstructions, the crowd stretched 20 blocks deep and two blocks wide. An estimated 257 demonstrators were arrested, mostly for trying to get around police blockades to join the official rally. See video.

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