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Puerto Rico's Sodomy Law Just "Tip of the Iceberg"
And Reverend Margarita Sánchez de León vows to smash it. (3-14-03)

Law 103: A Colonial Imposition
A gift in 1902 from California to Puerto Rico, the U.S.'s new Caribbean possession. (3-14-03)

Navy Bids Vieques Adiós
The U.S. Navy announces it will end battle training on Vieques in May, but the job for activists on the Puerto Rican island isn't over yet. (2-13-03)

Vieques Movement Still Kicking
The Navy Out movement in Vieques, Puerto Rico, seemed poised to end the United States' use of the tiny island for bombing practice. Then came Sept. 11. (4-5-02)

Our New York Hero
Sylvia Rivera, who as a 17-year-old Puerto Rican drag queen from the Bronx helped lead the 1969 Stonewall Riots that triggered the modern gay liberation movement, died in New York. (2-20-02)

The Myth of Civil Rights in Vieques
Do Puerto Ricans have civil rights? A look at the strings attached to their citizenship. (8-14-01)

Is Puerto Rico's Governor Out of Her Depth?
The anti-Navy cause gained momentum from the election of Puerto Rico's new pro-Vieques Governor, Sila Calderón. Why is she silent now about the new round of bombing and protests? (5-1-01)

Bush AOK on Taiwan, Puerto Rico Awaits
George W. Bush stumbled onto the side of the angels, Wednesday, publicly pledging "Whatever it took" to help Taiwan defend itself against a greedy China. Any day now he'll free Vieques. (5-1-01)

Bush's Reign of Milk and Honey
Republicans are giving queers, blacks, and Puerto Ricans the honey treatment, while Democrats get stung. (3-5-01)

Depleted Uranium: The Vieques-Kosovo Connection
New revelations that "safe" depleted uranium in U.S. bombs had been contaminated by highly radioactive waste bolster cancer claims by Vieques residents and European veterans. (2-12-01)

Calderón Hangs Tough... For Now
Sila Calderón, Puerto Rico's newly inaugurated Governor makes big promises. Will the U.S. let her keep them? (1-5-01)

Christmas Slams in Puerto Rico
A dog-eat-dog improvisational poetry contest remakes the myth of Puerto Rico, and tweaks the tail of cultural imperialism. (12-18-00)

When Votes Don't Count: Dadalandia, Puerto Rico
The power of the vote, and Puerto Rico's surrealistic political landscape of colonial power and back door influence. (12-11-00)

Vieques Movement: The Little Engine That Could, or Dead Horse?
To get the Navy out of Vieques, activists will soon have to openly address the underlying problem: that of Puerto Rico's colonial status. (9-27-00)

Vieques and Okinawa: Allies Against U.S. Troops
As the U.S. Navy launches a second round of bombing exercises in the Puerto Rican island of Vieques, anti-Navy activists there are finding allies in Okinawa, Japan. (8-7-00)

Puerto Rican Activists Get Big Boost From U.N.
U.N. Decolonization Committee condemns U.S. activities on Vieques, and supports Puerto Rican self-determination. Activist statements reflect the political landscape. (7-17-00)

Targetting Vieques
Wednesday, while bombs fall on Vieques, Clinton and three Puerto Rican leaders will be having a White House summit about Puerto Rico's status. (6-27-00)

Vieques and Queers: Common Ground
Puerto Rican queers embody, in the flesh, the illegal status of their homeland in the world—like the people of Vieques. (6-9-00)

Vieques: To Beach or Not to Beach
The Navy's closing of the beaches has been a disaster for Viequenses, both culturally and economically. (6-4-00)

Clinton's Presidential Directive
Count for yourself the ways Vieques is betrayed. From the "referendum" to the land transfer fiasco. (5-24-00)

Vieques: The Rock and the Hard Place
Activists working to free Vieques have to fight not only the U.S. Navy, but their own corrupt Puerto Rican government. (5-23-00)

Letter From Vieques
Lee Lawrence just wanted to manage a guest house and enjoy the peace and tranquility of beautiful Vieques, but the Navy's willful destruction of the island is spurring him into action. (5-11-00)

Vieques and Miami: The Perils of Swallowing Nations
The operations had more in common than Janet Reno, federal agents, and foreign-flag-waving U.S. citizens. Find out what. (5-9-00)

Vieques: Puerto Rico Under Fire
The Pentagon's stubborn demand to bomb Vieques raises questions of Puerto Rico's status vis-a-vis the United States, and why the U.S. is still exercising what amounts to the conquerors' droit du seigneur. (5-3-00)

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